Served with soup or green salad, fried wontons and choice of fried rice, steamed rice, or brown rice.  (Soup not included with take out order)


Lunch special available Monday - Friday between 11am to 3pm

 $7.25 except where noted

Menu Lunch Special:

L-1  Chicken Curry - prepared with red curry, coconut milk and bamboo shoots

L-2  Chicken Chopsuey - stir fried chicken and mixed vegetables

L-3  Sweet & Sour Pork - deep fried pork, stir fried with pineapple and bell peppers  in  our  special sweet                                                          and sour sauce

L-4  Beef with Broccoli - stir fried beef with broccoli

L-5  Beef with Bell Peppers - stir fried beef with bell peppers and onions

L-6  Baby Corn and Mushroom with Chicken - stir fried baby corn, mushroom and chicken  with oyster                                                                                                         sauce

L-7  Chicken with Cashew Nuts - prepared with chicken, cashew nuts, mushrooms, celery, onion and bell                                                                            peppers

L-8  Chicken with Basil Leaves - chicken stir fried w/special chili paste and fresh basil leaves

L-9  Chicken Chow Mein - chicken and mixed vegetables stir fried with chow mein noodles

L-10  Chicken Bowl - grilled chicken topped with our special sauce served with steamed vegetables

L-11  Shrimp Chop Suey - stir fried shrimps and mixed vegetables –  7.95

L-12  Chicken Fried Rice - fried rice with chicken, eggs, tomatoes, and onions

L-13  Shrimp Fried Rice - fried rice with shrimps, eggs, tomatoes, and onions7.95

L-14  Beef Bowl - grilled beef topped with our special sauce and served with steamed vegetables

L-15  Sweet and Sour Chicken - deep fried chicken stir fried with pineapple and bell peppers in our special                                                                          sweet and sour sauce

L-16  BBQ Chicken - charcoal broiled chicken in Thai herbs and spices

L-17  Garlic Chicken - stir fried chicken with garlic and pepper served with steamed vegetables

L-18  Orange Chicken - deep fried chicken stir fried with our special orange sauce






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